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Where it all began!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Our travels have taken many of us all over the world to soak up the incredible sounds, sights textures, tastes, smells and cultures at every destination. The experience of hiking in the Himalayas reshaped our goals and priorities, as well as many of our beliefs.

Walking along those mountain trails hearing the sound of yak bells and village chatter imbued us with a profound gratitude not only for our own privileged lives but for seeing how the Nepali people create success in their own unique and creative way.

Pran and Karma

Pran and her family radiate genuine unconditional kindness and we felt inspired and magnetised by her energy.

As she rocked her baby Karma and told us endearing stories we began to understand her way of life on a deeper level. We all wanted to help and empower Pran so she in turn could pay it forward.

The best way to do that is through a collaboration in making handcraft goods available to a wider audience.

Pran explained how methods learned within her family have been passed down through centuries of skilled women to create unique designs and patterns.

The changing times we are in

Nepal has been hit hard by covid-19, as most of the economy relies heavily on tourism. A country largely without government aid, families are reliant on foreign trade. Purchasing these products go a long way to helping good people like Pran promote greater economic empowerment.

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