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The Power of Singing Bowls

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Singing bowls have the extraordinary power to produce a sense of pure tranquility within our bodies, gently encouraging us to relax on the deepest of levels.

Nepal, in all of its beauty and wonder, is known for these delicate, healing sounds. When exposed to them, you may experience increased blood flow, overall improved well-being, and reprieve from stress-induced tensions. It’s incredible how these effects can then reduce blood pressure and strengthen immunity. Some have also reported an improved mental state, uplifted moods, and strong feelings of joy and rejuvenation.

A soft, but intensifying resonance is produced by smoothly dragging the mallet around the exterior of the bowl. This pleasing tone holds many benefits, such as stimulating the release of anger, resentment, jealousy, pain, stress, sorry, and other discomforts on both the physical and emotional levels. As the sound courses through your body, it restores balance, stillness, and serenity.

In contrast, the louder reverberations created by striking the bowl with the mallet are said to revitalize your energy levels and awaken a child-like glee within you. You can also alternate this method with the softer, more soothing technique to bring about a powerful harmony that feels intensely invigorating.

To create these beautiful singing bowls, molten metal is poured into a carefully shaped mold. After they’ve cooled to a certain temperature, our artisans gently clang on them to achieve an ideal shape that enables the delightful sounds you hear when you use your mallet on them. Of course, some imperfections can be expected in these handmade designs. However, it is these miniscule flaws that give each bowl its wonderfully unique tone.

Our singing bowls bring much joy and balance to our lives. That’s why we are both honored and inspired to share them with others around the world. We hope you, too, will enjoy and benefit from these powerful instruments.

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