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A New Economy

We sell beautiful handmade products for our friends around the world to help improve their lives.

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Conscious Trader

Heavenly Himalayan


Covid 19 has struck Nepal, and the economy is heavily reliant on tourism and has no government assistance.

 Families like Pran 's are vulnerable,  and to make ends meet,  create handmade crafts and sell them locally when possible. Other avenues are needed to share these  unique treasures.


We welcome you to  Pran's store, Heavenly Himalayan - an impact driven business.


Please take your time to consider the care, love, and culture within each product.

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Mount Everest


View of Everest from Kala Pattar on the way to base camp.

The Nepal side is the south side of Mount Everest — the most popular side for summit ascents. The Nepal side is Sagarmatha National Park, containing one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas — the Everest Base Camp Trail. 

Trekkers usually fly to Kathmandu and then fly to Lukla at 2,840 m (9,300 ft) and start the 7-day trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC).

Along the way are temperate hillside forests, ravines, the red earth of terraced farms, and small villages surrounded by huge mountains.

Yaks are known to live above an altitude of 3,000m (9,850 ft) and provide the beautiful blankets we sell.


The sunset is the biggest highlight from the Nepal side. The sun reflects off the summit in a stunning picture of gold and orange light on white snow.


Quinn Davis

The yak blankets are beautiful, soft and warm. I truly wish I had bought more of them when visiting Heavenly Himalayan sites.

Anna Bekhuis

Love these headbands and plan to purchase for our entire family.

Sophia Jones

Our cats, all three of them, adore their felt cat caves. We're so happy with this product.

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